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GlobalPage Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for GlobalPage:

NagVisFrontend WuiAddModify WuiBackendManagement WuiBackgroundManagement WuiEditMainCfg WuiFrontend WuiMapManagement

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Detailed Description

Class for managing the common page layout Should be used by ALL pages of NagVis and NagVisWui

Lars Michelsen <lars@vertical-visions.de>

Definition at line 8 of file GlobalPage.php.

Public Member Functions

 addBodyLine ($line)
 addBodyLines ($lines)
 buildPage ()
 checkPermissions ($allowed, $printErr)
 checkPreflight ()
 checkUser ($printErr)
 getBody ()
 getCssIncludes ()
 getExtHeader ()
 getHeader ()
 getJsIncludes ()
 getLines ($arr)
 getPage ()
 getUser ()
 getUserMessages ()
 GlobalPage (&$MAINCFG, $givenProperties=Array())
 messageBox ($serverity, $id, $vars)
 messageToUser ($serverity='WARNING', $id, $vars='')
 parseJs ($js)
 printPage ()
 resizeWindow ($x, $y)

Public Attributes


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