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NagVisMap::parseMap (  ) 

Parses the Map and the Objects

Array Array with Html Code
Lars Michelsen <lars@vertical-visions.de>

Reimplemented in NagVisBackground.

Definition at line 42 of file NagVisMap.php.

References getBackground(), getFavicon(), getMapObjects(), getMapState(), and parseObjects().

            if (DEBUG&&DEBUGLEVEL&1) debug('Start method NagVisMap::parseMap()');
            $ret = Array();
            $ret = array_merge($ret,$this->getBackground());
            $ret = array_merge($ret,$this->parseObjects());
            // Dynamicaly set favicon
            $ret[] = $this->getFavicon();
            // Change title (add map alias and map state)
            $ret[] = '<script type="text/javascript" language="JavaScript">document.title=\''.$this->MAPCFG->getValue('global', 0, 'alias').' ('.$this->getMapState($this->getMapObjects(1,1)).') :: \'+document.title;</script>';
            if (DEBUG&&DEBUGLEVEL&1) debug('Start method NagVisMap::parseMap(): Array(...)');
            return $ret;

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