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WuiMap Class Reference

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Detailed Description

Class for printing the map in NagVis Wui

Definition at line 5 of file WuiMap.php.

Public Member Functions

 checkGd ($printErr)
 checkPermissions (&$allowed, $printErr)
 fixIcon (&$obj)
 getBackground ()
 getBackgroundHtml ($src, $style='')
 getIcon (&$obj)
 getIconPaths (&$obj)
 getJsGraphicObj ()
 getJsLang ()
 getMapObjects ($mergeWithGlobals=1)
 getMaps ()
 getObjectsOfType ($type, $mergeWithGlobals=1)
 GlobalMap (&$MAINCFG, &$MAPCFG)
 infoBox (&$obj)
 loadPermissions ()
 makeObjectsMoveable ()
 parseIcon (&$obj)
 parseInvisible ()
 parseJs ($js)
 parseLabel (&$obj)
 parseMap ()
 parseObjects ()
 textBox (&$obj)

Public Attributes

 $linkedMaps = Array()

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