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WuiMapCfg Class Reference

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Detailed Description

This Class handles the NagVis configuration file

Lars Michelsen <lars@vertical-visions.de>

Definition at line 7 of file WuiMapCfg.php.

Public Member Functions

 addElement ($type, $properties)
 checkMapConfigExists ($printErr)
 checkMapConfigIsValid ($printErr)
 checkMapConfigReadable ($printErr)
 checkMapConfigWriteable ($printErr)
 checkMapLocked ($ignoreLock=0, $printErr=1)
 checkMapLockExists ($printErr)
 checkMapLockReadable ($printErr)
 checkMapLockWriteable ($printErr)
 createMapConfig ()
 deleteElement ($type, $id)
 deleteMapConfig ($printErr=1)
 deleteMapLock ()
 exportMap ()
 filterGlobal ()
 fixTemplateIndexes ()
 getBackground ()
 getDefinitions ($type)
 getMap ()
 getName ()
 getObjectDefaults ()
 getValue ($type, $id, $key, $ignoreDefault=FALSE)
 GlobalMapCfg (&$MAINCFG, $name='')
 mergeTemplates ()
 readMapConfig ($onlyGlobal=0)
 readMapLock ()
 setValue ($type, $id, $key, $value)
 writeElement ($type, $id)
 writeMapLock ()
 WuiMapCfg (&$MAINCFG, $name='')

Public Attributes


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